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B.B. The Bluefish

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Height: About a fathom
Bats: Switch
Weight: More than yesterday
Throws: Switch
Born: 5/29/1997
Nicknames: Blue, Snapper, SkipJack, Pomatomus Salatrix
Resides: Estuaries and Harbors, Open Ocean, Harbor Yard
Favorite Food: Anything that won't eat him
Pet Peeve: People that always "cry the blues"
Secret Wish: A clean, safe place to swim for everyone

The Ballad of B.B. the Bluefish

Part of the spring spawn of '97, a bluefish by the name of B.B. was born on May 29, 1997 in the deep water off the coast of Cape Hatteras. Newly hatched, the young snapper grew quickly, reaching over half a foot in length in the first summer, thanks to a voroacious appetite! Hungry and curious, he and his school swam north towards the Long Island Sound where the warm water and abundant food supply were just the things that a young bluefish craves. 
One day as he and his schoolmates swam the Sound off Bridgeport, B.B.’s attention was drawn to the entrance of the harbor by the sound of some men talking rather loudly. The men were sitting in the stern of a fishing boat, and they were arguing about something that they called “baseball.” B.B. was fascinated, because this baseball sounded like the kind of game a bluefish would like to play. It had teams, which were like a school of humans, and plenty of hitting and running, which blues love to do. The men were talking about their hometown team. They were even called the Bluefish! He was so caught up in their conversation that when a lure came his way, he fell for it, hook, line and sinker. 
B.B. knew he was caught and struggle as he might, the fisherman reeled him on in. When they got him to the boat, the men laughed at the size of the little fish, but they admired the way he fought. They told him, “We’ll see you next season!” and returned him to the Sound. B.B. raced back to the safety of the school where he thanked his lucky stars for his good fortune, and swore that he would never stray again. 
B.B. learned a very valuable lesson that day: You should stay in your school! But as the days grew shorter it was time for the bluefish to leave the Sound and head south to warmer water. As he spent his winter off the coast of Florida, B.B. grew bigger and stronger as he swam with his schoolmates. When spring arrived, he could hear the sound of baseball being played onshore and knew it was time to return to the waters of Long Island Sound and the home of the Bridgeport Bluefish. Here he expects to be their biggest fan and help everyone learn about being part of a team, playing hard and fair, and being proud of where you come from! Help B.B. cheer on the Bluefish!