Have BB or a Bluefish player attend your event

The Bridgeport Bluefish understand the importance of community involvement and enjoy playing an active role in many different ways.  BB the Bluefish and Bluefish players are often out and about in the community at various functions and events.


Appearance Guidelines:

  • Appearance Fee – $50 (business/personal) for the first hour, free for non-profits.
  • Mileage – Any appearance over 20 miles from Harbor Yard (via Google Maps) will be charged a $20 mileage fee.
  • There must be a changing room for the mascot (offices or conference rooms work best). NO public restrooms.
  • All appearances are a maximum of one hour. Any additional hour is $75 for business or personal appearances and $50 for non-profits. Additional hours require a 15-minute break for the mascot between the two hours.
  • The Bluefish retain the right to a 10-minute break during the hour appearance, if necessary.
  • Upon approval of your request, you are granting the Bluefish the right to distribute team or sponsor information at the appearance.
  • Water must be available for the mascot upon request.
  • If the appearance is between the times of 11am and 1pm, there will be a $10 charge to cover lunch for the mascot and handler on business or personal appearances.
  • Any payment owed to the Bluefish must be paid 48 hours in advance of the appearance.

To request a mascot or player appearance or if you have any questions, please contact the Bluefish at (203) 345-4800 or




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