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Sponsorship Opportunities

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2017 Opportunities



Whether your goal is corporate branding, driving foot traffic through your front doors, raising awareness for a good cause, or just sitting back and enjoying an entertaining evening in the cozy confines of the Ballpark at Harbor Yard, we want to work with you to create an opportunity for your business to be placed at the cutting edge of sports marketing. We will work in partnership with you to develop creative ideas that will help your business grow. Call your Bluefish Account Executive today!



"Bluefish staff were helpful attentive hosts. The event fostered instant camaraderie among the Terex Team. For our international team members, the staff worked with many Team Members who had never experienced baseball, and were able to give them the instruction necessary for them to experience and enjoy the game.


Practicing and playing on a professional diamond was a once-in a lifetime experience that kept many players on the field right though dinner. Overall, this was one of the most cost-effective and purpose aligned events we have had."



-Greg Fell, VP and CIO of Terex Corporation

Bluefish Program:
The Bluefish program provides an excellent medium for your company's ad. The Bluefish program provides fans with a wide array of information on the team and players as well as game promotions, upcoming games, entertainment and giveaways. Feature stories also provide Bluefish fans with a behind-the-scenes view of life in and around the baseball experience at the Ballpark at Harbor Yard.

Event Night Sponsorship:
Your company takes center stage by becoming a Bluefish game sponsor. Benefits include PA and video board announcements, ceremonial first pitch opportunity, tickets to the game, and even product sampling. Your company or product will also receive identification in all Bluefish advertising promoting the game including print advertising, pocket schedules, the Bluefish Program and website listings.  Available event night sponsorships include Saturday Fireworks, professional entertainers and premium giveaway nights.


On-Field Promotions:
Perfected in the minors, on-field promotions provide fans with entertainment between innings that is not only fun but leaves a distinct impression. The combination of exciting professional baseball and entertaining between-inning promotions creates an atmosphere that is like no other. In-game promotions provide corporate partners the opportunity to impact potential customers while they enjoy the on-field entertainment. On-field promotions are long-standing favorites guaranteed to leave the fans remembering their positive experience with the Bluefish.

Outfield Billboards:
Signage at the Ballpark at Harbor Yard associates your organization with one of the most recognizable and visible aspects of the professional baseball experience. Visible to all fans from every angle of the ballpark, outfield billboards and stadium signage are a big part of the game. With local sports coverage focused on the Bluefish, our Bluefish partners enjoy the unique benefits of significant media exposure throughout the season.

Public Address Announcements:
Public Address announcements pre-game, post-game and during the action provide Bluefish partners with a chance to complement already existing marketing elements. Our state of the art video display also allows you to run your existing television commercials which offer an excellent opportunity to communicate your message to fans every game all summer long.

Concourse Signage:
Fans congregate on the concourse to wait in concession and merchandise lines, to meet up with friends and just to hang out. It is by far the busiest place in the ballpark and with space available on the outer press box wall, on the rails around the concourse and on the information boards, what better place to display your message than right in the middle of the action.

Kiosk Displays:
Another weapon in the Bluefish marketing arsenal. Kiosk displays allow partners the opportunity to show off their product, recruit new employees, give away free samples, sell the product or even run a sweepstakes program collecting names for a database. Fans are encouraged to visit the kiosk throughout the game with public address announcements and video board displays.

Premium Giveaway Items:
Bridgeport Bluefish premium giveaway items are a promotional opportunity providing extensive media and in-stadium exposure. Each premium giveaway includes a high-quality item featuring your logo. Giveaways are a major draw for fans when deciding which Bluefish game to attend. With over 1,000 items given away for your event, fans have a lasting impression of your company both at the game and when returning home with your premium item. Premium giveaways include: batting gloves, baseballs, bats, hats, t-shirts, softie balls, lunch bags, baseball cards and more!